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Hawk's Sky

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I like to go by Hawk.

I'm trying to improve my life little by little and knock out goals along the way; I've still got a ways to go though.

Great session at the gym!

Today just started off really well, the walk to the gym was nice. Then when I got there to my surprise it was kind of full(unusual for this time of day, it a really small gym, kind of like a big garage) but I didn’t let that stop me. I had to share the cage(for squats) with 2 other people and that really helped motivate me to take shorter breaks and I knocked out my squats(195 lbs) today:D

Next up was the press, it was tougher than usual but thats because the weight is going up, I had accidentally done an extra 5 lbs for my sets today but was able to complete everyone.(95 lbs) I also did my press with one of the guys who I had done my squats with earlier.

Last up was my deadlifts, I was also deadlifting with the guy from the press and squats. He said he was gonna skip out on deadlifting since the squats took a lot out of him( he was lifting more than me every time) but he said I had motivated him to do them. So last Monday when I deadlifted it was at 225 lbs so today my coach asked if I felt like 240 lbs, I was feeling good from the squats and press so I said yea. So today I knocked out 240 lbs on my deadlift :D 

I can feel myself getting stronger. I got out in record time today and it was all thanks to working with others. Can’t wait for Wednesday now.

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Workout is going great! :D

Funny how when I was going was going to NYSC I hated going to the gym but now that I started going to this new gym I haven’t felt that way at all! I’m enjoying my workouts now and can’t wait to get back into the gym. 

Sadly I’ll be going to Virginia until Sunday so I wont be able to go until Monday, hopefully the hotel has a gym with barbells.

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UXF, Pre calc, and apples

Just got back from my 6th class, we got split into 3 teams; the newbies and the original 3. As a team we had to hit 3000 step ups, 200 push ups, and 100 dead lifts. So my team split it up as 1000 step ups, 70 push ups, and 100 deadlifts per person.

We did it just in time but only cause we did extra deadlifts like idiots. The we held planks while moving dumbells and plates followed by 20 sec of sit ups with a 10 sec break for 3 minutes. Feeling good right now, hopefully this feeling will come with me while I take my second pre calc mid term.

Oh and I had an apple…it sucked. The one I had last night was godly. I’ll have some oatmeal and a protein shake in a few.

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