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Hawk's Sky

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I like to go by Hawk.

I'm trying to improve my life little by little and knock out goals along the way; I've still got a ways to go though.

Did 100 barbell curls…

For the first time, my arms, my arms they hurt, so sore…….

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Getting my squats in:D

Getting my squats in:D

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Feeling Good!

The last time I deadlifted back on 7/11 I couldn’t get my last rep in at 200 So I’ve been dreading the day when I’d have to do it again. I went on vacation came back and today was my day to deadlift, imagine my horror when when my coach tells me to go up to 205.

I put my wraps on and demolished the set this time through:D Guess I’m back to loving deadlifts again.

— 2 years ago
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How could you not like working out?

Went in feeling like shit but left feeling like a million bucks!

— 2 years ago
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Workout is going great! :D

Funny how when I was going was going to NYSC I hated going to the gym but now that I started going to this new gym I haven’t felt that way at all! I’m enjoying my workouts now and can’t wait to get back into the gym. 

Sadly I’ll be going to Virginia until Sunday so I wont be able to go until Monday, hopefully the hotel has a gym with barbells.

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Back from another exciting UXF class, this time we went outside for a jog to the Brooklyn bridge park in some rainyish weather:) After we proceeded to do our workout; starting of with side squat walking(like crabs) then running back and forth, then ladder drills, then backwards running, more ladder drills, sideway running and one last set of ladder drills.

To finish off we jogged back to the gym(halfway uphill), I ran ahead of the group and jogged a bit quicker, I was the first one back. Seems some followed my lead and broke off from the pack after me. Last time I was pretty winded after jogging back to the gym, but this time I wasn’t:D PROGRESS! It was definitely fun jogging outside, can’t wait to do it again.

Nothing like a good workout to start the day.

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UXF, Pre calc, and apples

Just got back from my 6th class, we got split into 3 teams; the newbies and the original 3. As a team we had to hit 3000 step ups, 200 push ups, and 100 dead lifts. So my team split it up as 1000 step ups, 70 push ups, and 100 deadlifts per person.

We did it just in time but only cause we did extra deadlifts like idiots. The we held planks while moving dumbells and plates followed by 20 sec of sit ups with a 10 sec break for 3 minutes. Feeling good right now, hopefully this feeling will come with me while I take my second pre calc mid term.

Oh and I had an apple…it sucked. The one I had last night was godly. I’ll have some oatmeal and a protein shake in a few.

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UXF class #5

Was Pretty tough, we ran to the pier was downhill then did some ladder exercises, running, backward running, crab walks(squatting and walking to the side),walking lunges and then run back to the gym which we had to do uphill.

I was close to passing out on the run back but told myself to dig deep, I remembered a pic I saw on tumblr saying something along the lines of “push yourself now so the next time it’ll be easier” and I made it. Can’t wait for Thursday’s class.

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Just got back from my 3rd class, now I’m in a class with other people. Boy was it tough, but it was fun and on Thursday the trainer might be taking us to a park for the class.

But there’s nothing like feeling once your done with a good workout, you feel invincible.

— 2 years ago
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Time to make my new gym routine for the month

I might start going 5 days a week now, so I’d 2 routines for upper body and 2 for lower body to go with my cardio day.

— 2 years ago
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